Please find below product specifications for the marine fuel grades we supply in Sweden.

MGO - Marine Gasoil
Intended for use in main- and auxiliary engines and does not need any heating as long as it is kept above 0 deg C. Density is 0,845.

DMB - Marine Gasoil
Mainly used for main engines and is a DMB graded Gasoil which requires moderate heating at 20 deg C. Produced by Neste.

RMB30 - Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
Marine fuel oil with low viscosity characteristics that requires heating at 40 deg C. Produced by Neste.

MK1 - Automotive Diesel
Automotive diesel and is mainly used in smaller ships and yachts. It does not require any heating.

BioZ - ECO Diesel

Diesel intended for both smaller and larger engines with 20 percent synthetic renewable HVO without any RME.