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About Us

ScanOcean AB was established in 2013 but the roots of the company date much longer back, functioning as a purchasing organization of marine fuels for several Scandinavian ship-owners. Today the company has grown to become an international energy and distribution company focused on delivering marine fuels and transporting various industrial liquids.


We are committed to lead the journey towards reduced emissions and are active in numerous projects together with partners and clients aimed at cutting the environmental footprint by providing better fuels and efficient transportation.


The company’s office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and consist of an experienced team with first-class connections in the global energy sector.


ScanOcean is a part of the Ivar Lundh & Co group, which has been in the shipping industry for over a century.


Our Services

Marine Fuel

We trade bunkers world wide and are physical suppliers in Sweden with a unique logistics network.


We deliver a wide range of industrial liquids in bulk or container by both ship and trucks.


We arrange tailor made shipping solutions by either sea or road with a high focus on reliability and safety.

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